The Only Supermarket In Town (HSK 6)

In a small town there is only one supermarket. Read further to find out what the citizens did.






Multiple Choice Questions

English Translation

In a small town, there is a supermarket called “Xin Sheng Supermarket”, which is the only grocery store in the town. Mr. Li, the supermarket owner, has absolute “control” over citizens’ lives. He kept raising the prices of goods, but the citizens had no choice but to accept it. This supermarket has a monopoly on the town’s market.

However, one day, a young businesswoman named Miss Wang moved to the town. She opened a small convenience store, offering competitive prices and better service. Citizens flocked to her store to shop.

Mr. Li felt threatened and began to lower his prices, but Ms. Wang was not to be outdone. She optimized her inventory and promotions to attract more customers. Mr. Li couldn’t bear it anymore, so he lowered the price to the lowest level. However, the quality and service of the supermarket declined, and citizens were no longer willing to shop there.

Finally, Mr. Li’s supermarket closed down, and the citizens finally got rid of Mr. Li’s monopoly.

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