The Defendant’s Decision (HSK 6)

Zhang Ming was charged with a serious crime, and his future depended on this trial.









Multiple Choice Questions

English Translation

The Defendant’s Decision

In the courtroom, the defendant, Zhang Ming, faced the judge and the jury with a heavy heart. This was one of the most important decisions in his life. He was charged with a serious crime, and his future depended on this trial.

The judge asked Zhang Ming with a serious tone if he pleaded guilty. After some thought, Zhang Ming replied firmly, “Yes, I plead guilty.” He understood that admitting his wrongdoing might result in a severe punishment, but he decided to face it honestly and take responsibility for his actions.

Next, the defense lawyer began to advocate for Zhang Ming, trying to mitigate his sentence. He pointed out Zhang Ming’s clean prior record and his positive contributions to society, hoping the judge would take these factors into account in the sentencing.

The jury entered the deliberation phase, faced with the significant task of deciding Zhang Ming’s fate. After many hours of debate, the jury reached a decision. They announced that Zhang Ming should receive a lighter sentence to encourage his rehabilitation.

The judge ultimately sentenced Zhang Ming to a certain period of imprisonment and allowed him to receive re-education during his sentence in the hope that he could become a better person.

Zhang Ming’s decision ultimately changed his life. Despite the price he had to pay, he chose honesty and self-improvement, which turned out to be the most important lesson in his life.

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