The Unique Hero (HSK 6)

Xiaoming is a hero of a little village.








Multiple Choice Questions

English Translation

The Unique Hero

In a small village, there was a unique young man named Xiaoming. What set Xiaoming apart was his hairstyle. Instead of keeping long hair like everyone else, he shaved his head, leaving only a small patch of hair on the top that resembled a five-pointed star.

The villagers found Xiaoming’s hairstyle to be peculiar, but they adored him for it. His distinct hairstyle not only made him famous in the village but also attracted tourists who came to see him. Xiaoming opened a special barber shop, catering to those who wanted a distinctive look.

Xiaoming’s business thrived, and he became wealthy. However, he remained humble and friendly, never forgetting his roots. He often helped villagers in need and donated a portion of his earnings to improve the village’s conditions.

One day, a massive fire broke out in the village, and many people lost their homes. Without hesitation, Xiaoming donated a portion of his wealth to help rebuild the village, providing shelter for those who had lost their homes. The villagers were deeply grateful, praising Xiaoming for his unique act of kindness.

Xiaoming’s benevolence also inspired other villagers, and the village was rejuvenated. Xiaoming became the hero of the village because of his unique hairstyle and kind deeds, and his name will be praised forever.

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