The Mysterious Bookshelf (HSK 5)

In a small town, there was a mysterious bookshelf that held countless tales. Let’s unravel the secrets hidden within!








Multiple Choice Questions

English Translation

The Mysterious Bookshelf

Long, long ago, in a quiet little town, there stood an ancient bookshelf. It was situated in the center square of the town, surrounded by beautiful flowers. This bookshelf was filled with all kinds of books, ranging from classic novels to scientific manuals, encompassing a vast array of knowledge.

Every day, residents from the town would come to the bookshelf, seeking stories that piqued their interest. However, one day, a young girl discovered the secret of the bookshelf. As she opened an ancient book, each shelf on the bookshelf began to shimmer with a magical glow.

Curiously, the girl touched a book on the shelf, and a miracle occurred. She was transported to a completely different world, a realm filled with magic, elves, and brave adventurers. In that world, she experienced thrilling adventures, made new friends, and even saved a kingdom.

Every time the girl opened a book on the bookshelf, she was transported to a different story. She began to relish in this magical adventure journey, eagerly anticipating exploring new tales each day. The bookshelf became her window to infinite possibilities.

Years later, the girl grew up into an adult, but she would never forget the mysterious bookshelf.

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