Memories of My Hometown (HSK 5)

In this heartwarming tale, we delve into the memories of the author’s hometown. Join us on a journey that celebrates the simplicity and beauty of one’s roots.








Multiple Choice Questions

English Translation

Memories of My Hometown

In my childhood, I lived in a beautiful small town. Nestled at the foot of a mountain, my hometown was surrounded by lush fields and flowing rivers. Every summer, the entire village was filled with laughter, the scent of countryside permeating the air.

I remember back then, my friends and I would often go fishing by the river. We would walk through wheat fields and haystacks, chasing butterflies in flight. The fish in the water shimmered with golden hues, joyfully swimming around. Armed with bamboo fishing rods, we would occasionally catch small fish. Those moments of happiness always make me nostalgic.

In winter, snowflakes would fall gently on the village. We would build snowmen together, have snowball fights, and spend one joyful winter vacation after another. At night, the stars would twinkle in the cold wind, illuminating the entire night sky.

Although I left my hometown and moved to a big city as I grew up, my heart has always remained in that place of innocence and beauty. Whenever I feel lost or lonely, I recall those carefree days, and the warmth of my hometown instantly fills my soul.

Many years have passed, yet memories of my hometown still evoke a warm and sentimental feeling. Wherever I may be, the memories of my hometown will forever reside in my heart.

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