The Exciting Competition (HSK 4)

Join two friends as they take part in a thrilling competition that tests their skills and determination. Will they win or face unexpected challenges?









Multiple Choice Questions

English Translation

The Exciting Competition

One day, Xiao Ming and Xiao Hong heard that their school was going to hold a competition, and they decided to participate together. The competition was a race. Xiao Ming and Xiao Hong both loved running, so they excitedly prepared for it.

The day of the competition finally arrived. The school playground was packed with people. Xiao Ming and Xiao Hong stood at the starting line, waiting for the race to begin.

With the sound of a gunshot, the race started! Xiao Ming and Xiao Hong ran with all their might. They encouraged each other and kept pushing forward.

The competition was intense. Xiao Ming and Xiao Hong gave it their all, but their opponents were also strong.

In the end, Xiao Ming and Xiao Hong crossed the finish line. They didn’t come in first, but they knew they had given their best effort. They patted each other on the shoulder and said with a smile, “Next time, we’ll work even harder and strive for better results!”

After the competition, Xiao Ming and Xiao Hong were happy. They understood that the competition was not only about winning but also an opportunity for growth.

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