The Mysterious Password (HSK 4)

Join the hilarious adventure of a forgetful protagonist as they try to unravel the mystery of a password. Get ready for some laughter and surprises along the way!




突然,小明的脑海里闪过一个念头:“我好像设置过一个密码,只有输入正确的密码,手机才会出现。” 小明立刻兴奋起来,开始想起他设置密码的那一天。


李华听完小明的问题后,忍不住笑了起来。他说:“小明,你真忘事!你的手机密码就是你的生日!” 小明听了这话,感到十分尴尬。


Multiple Choice Questions

English Translation

The Mysterious Password

One day, Xiaoming was at home, but he couldn’t find his phone. He searched everywhere, flipping over the sofa, tables, and bed, but the phone was nowhere to be found. Xiaoming sat on the sofa, deep in thought.

Suddenly, an idea flashed through Xiaoming’s mind, “Maybe I set a password, and the phone will only appear if I enter the correct password.” Xiaoming immediately got excited and started to recall the day he set the password.

However, Xiaoming had a poor memory. He tried his best to remember but couldn’t recall what the password was. Xiaoming decided to seek help from his good friend, Lihua.

After listening to Xiaoming’s problem, Lihua couldn’t help but laugh. He said, “Xiaoming, you are so forgetful! Your phone password is your birthday!” Xiaoming felt extremely embarrassed upon hearing this.

Xiaoming hurried back home, entered his birthday, and indeed, the phone reappeared in his sight. Xiaoming suddenly realized that he must remember his passwords in the future.

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