The Little Cat’s Adventurous Journey (HSK 4)

In a quiet village, a curious little cat named 小白 (Xiǎo Bái) embarks on an exciting adventure that takes him beyond his familiar surroundings. Join him on a journey filled with surprises and new discoveries!








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English Translation

Xiaobai is a little cat. Since he was young, Xiaobai has been full of curiosity about the outside world. Every day, he plays in the village but always yearns for more adventures. One day, he decides to leave home and embark on his own adventure journey.

Xiaobai walks along a small stream for a long time and encounters a big snake. The snake challenges Xiaobai and says, “If you can answer a question for me, I will let you pass.” Xiaobai cleverly answers the question, and the snake allows him to proceed.

Xiaobai continues on and enters a dense forest. He sees a fox, and the fox says to him, “I can tell you how to get out of the forest, but you must first help me find my lost necklace.” Xiaobai helps the fox find the necklace, and the fox guides him out of the forest.

Finally, Xiaobai reaches a tall mountain, but now it’s time to return home. On the mountaintop, there is a wise old cat. The old cat tells Xiaobai, “To get back home, you must cross this mountain.” Xiaobai bravely climbs the peak and ultimately finds the way back home successfully.

When Xiaobai returns to the village, his family is waiting for him. They listen to Xiaobai telling his adventure story and feel proud and happy.

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