The Kind Doctor (HSK 4)

In a beautiful and peaceful village, there was a kind doctor named Dr. Li. He was gentle and always willing to help those in need.









Multiple Choice Questions

English Translation

The Kind Doctor

Once upon a time, in a beautiful and peaceful village, there was a kind doctor named Dr. Li. He always did his best to help those in need.

One day, a young villager named Xiaoming felt unwell. He went to Dr. Li’s clinic for a check-up. Dr. Li attentively listened to Xiaoming’s description of his symptoms and conducted a thorough examination. He said, “Xiaoming, you just have a cold and need to rest. Here are some medicines to take three times a day.”

Dr. Li also gave Xiaoming some advice, such as drinking plenty of water and eating nutritious food. Xiaoming felt warmed by the doctor’s words and felt that the doctor genuinely cared about him.

Dr. Li not only helped his patients but also provided free medical services to the elderly in the village. He visited the nursing home every week, conducting health check-ups and offering medical advice to the elderly. The elderly were grateful to Dr. Li and regarded him as a good doctor.

Gradually, the villagers came to know about Dr. Li’s kindness and medical skills. His clinic was always crowded with people. Dr. Li not only treated their ailments but also brought hope and smiles to the patients.

Many years after Dr. Lee’s death, the villagers still cherished the kindness and contributions of Dr. Li. To commemorate him, they erected a monument to preserve his story and legacy.

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