The Apologetic Pigeon (HSK 4)

In this amusing tale, follow the adventures of a very polite pigeon who can’t stop apologizing for everything. Get ready for some laughter and learn a few new Mandarin words along the way!



从前,有只非常有礼貌的鸽子。它非常害羞,总是一副抱歉的表情。不管发生什么事情,它总是说:“抱歉!” 一天,鸽子飞到了一片花海。它被花的美丽惊呆了,但它还是说:“抱歉!我不应该打扰你们。” 接着,鸽子看到一个小女孩在哭泣。它立刻飞过去问:“发生了什么?抱歉打扰你!”女孩摇摇头,说:“我迷路了。” 鸽子感觉她很可怜,于是带着女孩飞回了她的家。女孩的妈妈感激地说:“谢谢你帮助我女儿回家,真是太好了!” 鸽子害羞地说:“抱歉,我只是做了我能做的。” 从那天起,鸽子的事情越来越多。它总是帮助需要帮助的人,然后说:“抱歉!” 人们笑着说:“这只鸽子真是太有礼貌了!” 鸽子开心地飞舞着,心里想着:“抱歉,我真是太棒了!”

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English Translation

The Apologetic Pigeon (HSK 4)

Once upon a time, there was a very polite pigeon. It was extremely shy and always had a apologetic expression. No matter what happened, it would always say, “Sorry!” One day, the pigeon flew into a field of flowers. It was amazed by their beauty but still said, “Sorry! I shouldn’t disturb you.” Then, the pigeon saw a little girl crying. It immediately flew over and asked, “What happened? Sorry to disturb you!” The girl shook her head and said, “I’m lost.” The pigeon felt sorry for her, so it flew the girl back to her home. The girl’s mother thanked it and said, “Thank you for helping my daughter get home. That’s wonderful!” The pigeon shyly said, “Sorry, I just did what I could.” From that day on, the pigeon had more and more things to do. It always helped people in need and then said, “Sorry!” People laughed and said, “This pigeon is so polite!” The pigeon flew happily, thinking to itself, “Sorry, I’m really awesome!”

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