Surprise at the Supermarket (HSK 4)

Join the protagonist on a journey through a bustling supermarket as they embark on a routine grocery shopping trip, only to find themselves caught up in an unexpected encounter.



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Multiple Choice Questions

English Translation

The Surprise at the Supermarket

It was a regular Saturday morning when Xiao Ming walked into a bustling supermarket. He had a shopping list in hand, ready to buy food for the week. The shelves were filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as various snacks and beverages of different flavors.

Xiao Ming walked past the shelves, placing the items he needed into his shopping basket. He was a little in a hurry because time was short, and he had other things to do. Suddenly, he heard a unfamiliar voice.

“Hello, could you please help me get a bottle of soy sauce?” a beautiful girl said.

Xiao Ming looked in the direction of the voice and saw a girl reaching out her hand, gesturing for his assistance. Her smile made Xiao Ming feel delighted.

“Of course, I’ll help you get it,” Xiao Ming replied with a smile.

From that moment on, Xiao Ming and the girl started chatting. They talked about food, hobbies, and life. They discovered many common interests and gradually became good friends.

After finishing their shopping, they walked out of the supermarket together. Xiao Ming was surprised to find out that they actually lived in the same building.

“What a coincidence!” the girl said happily, smiling.

Xiao Ming marveled at this unexpected surprise. Through this shopping trip, he not only bought the necessary food but also gained a valuable friendship.

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