Little Dog’s Adventure (HSK 4)

In a small village, a little dog named Xiao Hei lived a simple life until one day, an unexpected adventure changed everything. Join Xiao Hei on a thrilling journey filled with surprises and new friendships.








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English Translation

Little Dog’s Adventure (HSK 3)

Once upon a time, there was a lovely little dog named Xiaohei who lived in a small village. Xiaohei’s owner was an old grandmother, and they led a peaceful and happy life. Every day, Xiaohei would accompany the grandmother for walks in the village, where they would admire the flowers and watch the birds.

One day, Xiaohei noticed that the village gate was wide open and curiously peeked inside. Suddenly, a little rabbit ran out from the entrance and waved at Xiaohei. Intrigued, Xiaohei followed the rabbit into a mysterious forest.

The forest was filled with strange sounds, and Xiaohei felt a bit scared, but he decided to bravely continue forward. Along the way, he encountered a clever fox who told him to seek out a friendly panda.

Xiaohei found the panda, and they became good friends. The panda guided Xiaohei back to the village, and Xiaohei was overjoyed.

From that day on, Xiaohei became even braver and smarter. He understood that by facing difficulties with courage, he could find new friends and embark on a marvelous adventure.

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