Grocery Shopping Adventure (HSK 4)

Embark on a thrilling grocery shopping adventure with Li Ming as he explores the lively market, searching for the freshest ingredients for his favorite dish.









Multiple Choice Questions

English Translation

Grocery Shopping

Li Ming is a person who loves food. Every Saturday, he goes to the nearby market to go shopping. Today, he is preparing a home-cooked dish, braised pork. He wrote a shopping list and took a shopping bag to the market.

As soon as he arrived at the market, he was attracted by the dazzling array of fruit and vegetable stalls. He compared prices and quality at each stall. Finally, he chose fresh and affordable pork, scallions, and ginger.

Next, Li Ming walked to the condiments stall. He needed to buy soy sauce, cooking wine, and sugar. He was happy to find that these seasonings were within his budget.

While shopping, Li Ming also met a friendly farmer. The farmer was selling vegetables grown by himself. These vegetables looked very fresh. So, he bought some tomatoes and cucumbers.

Finally, Li Ming went to a bakery and bought a bag of flour. He planned to make noodles by hand and cook a delicious dinner for his family.

Li Ming returns home with a full load of groceries, feeling excited and cheerful as he prepares to cook.

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