Exciting Shopping Trip (HSK 4)

Embark on a thrilling shopping journey with Xiaoling as she explores various stores and searches for the perfect items. Will she find everything she needs? Read on to find out!








Multiple Choice Questions

English Translation

Exciting Shopping Trip

Xiao Ling decided to go shopping today. She first went to a clothing store. There were many beautiful clothes in the store, but the prices were too expensive. She felt it wasn’t suitable, so she decided to keep looking.

She then went to a bookstore. The bookstore had a variety of books. Xiao Ling enjoys reading novels, so she bought an interesting and affordable novel.

Next, Xiao Ling went to a supermarket. The supermarket had all kinds of food and household items. Xiao Ling bought some milk, bread, and bananas.

Finally, Xiao Ling arrived at a pottery shop. She likes pottery, so she bought a beautiful vase.

After finishing her shopping, Xiao Ling was very happy. She felt that this shopping trip was very successful.

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