The Adventure of the Little Panda (HSK 4)

Get ready to embark on a captivating adventure with a brave little panda. Follow its journey as it overcomes challenges and discovers the true meaning of friendship.








Multiple Choice Questions

English Translation

The Adventure of the Little Panda

The little red panda, Xiao Su Bing, has always been brave. One day, it heard about a magical cave that supposedly hid a great fortune. Xiao Su Bing decided to embark on this challenging adventure with courage.

While passing through a dense forest, Xiao Su Bing encountered an injured little bird. It took care of the bird wholeheartedly and helped it recover. Gratefully, the bird said, “Thank you for your kindness. I will help you find the fortune.”

The bird led Xiao Su Bing through dangerous rivers and helped them evade ferocious beasts. Finally, they arrived at the entrance of the cave, across a deep valley. After some thought, Xiao Su Bing and the bird built a bridge using branches. They successfully crossed the valley.

Finally, Xiao Su Bing found the fortune. However, it noticed a trapped little rabbit nearby. To rescue the rabbit, it had to give up the fortune. Xiao Su Bing understood that true wealth lies in friendship and helping others. So, it rescued the rabbit.

Xiao Su Bing returned home with the rabbit, and they became the best of friends. Although they didn’t acquire the fortune, Xiao Su Bing understood that friendship and courage are the most valuable things.

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