The Mysterious Newspaper (HSK 4)

In a quiet town, a strange newspaper begins appearing on doorsteps, bringing unexpected events and adventures. Join the journey to unravel the mystery within its pages.









Multiple Choice Questions

English Translation

The Mysterious Newspaper

This family lives in an ordinary house in a small town. Every morning, as the sun rises, a strange newspaper magically appears at their doorstep. The newspaper has no markings or dates, just a regular newspaper with various stories and news articles.

The family is curious about this newspaper. They don’t know where it comes from or why it appears at their doorstep. But they consider it a special gift and look forward to discovering new stories every day.

Over time, they start noticing some strange connections between the stories in the newspaper and events in their own lives. One day, a story in the newspaper about heavy snowfall coincides with a pile of white paper falling from their ceiling, as if it were snowing indoors. Another time, a story in the newspaper mentions a hidden treasure, and they find a buried box in their garden.

The family is amazed by these occurrences, and they begin to speculate about the secrets behind the newspaper. They carefully read every page, searching for clues. They also share this special newspaper with other people in the town, inviting them to join in solving the mysteries.

Through their investigation, they discover that the newspaper is, in fact, a magical item. Its author is a mysterious magician who uses the newspaper as a means of communication and transmitting information to the world. The newspaper is more than just a regular piece of paper; it has the ability to foresee the future.

Finally, the family decides to bring the newspaper to a museum to allow more people to learn about its magical properties. People in the town are full of curiosity about magic, and the newspaper has become a precious cultural relic in the town.

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