The Misunderstood Beer Festival (HSK 4)

Join us in this hilarious tale, as a series of misunderstandings unfold during a lively beer festival. Get ready to laugh out loud as miscommunication takes center stage!










Multiple Choice Questions

English Translation

It was an exceptionally lively summer day, and Xiaoming decided to attend the beer festival held in the city. People from all over came together to enjoy food, beer, and laughter. Xiaoming was very excited because he likes drinking beer a lot.

Xiaoming entered through the gates of the beer festival and saw a variety of beer stalls. Eager to try, he decided to start with a glass of local specialty beer.

He approached a stall where a young person stood, holding a glass Xiaoming eagerly said, “Give me a glass of the specialty beer, please!” However, the young person understood “specialty” but didn’t understand “beer,” so he handed his own glass of beverage to Xiaoming.

When Xiaoming took a look, it turned out to be a glass of specialty juice! Xiaoming was very confused, thinking, “What’s going on? Do they actually sell juice at the beer festival?”

With a puzzled mind, Xiaoming didn’t give up. He continued walking and saw someone tasting a unique beverage at another stall. He approached and asked, “What is this?” The person selling the drink replied, “This is the local specialty yogurt!” Xiaoming couldn’t help but burst into laughter, saying, “Haha, it’s yogurt!”

He finished the yogurt and decided to try again. This time, he found a stall and saw a drink with milk foam. Xiao Ming said happily: “Boss, please bring a special drink with milk foam!” The boss understood the word “special” but not the word “milk foam”, so he handed Xiao Ming a glass of transparent water.

Xiaoming felt helpless, thinking, “How can this be a specialty drink? It looks just like plain water!” Xiaoming became more and more frustrated, not knowing what was going on. He walked to another stall and saw people trying a unique beverage. With a glimmer of hope, Xiaoming asked, “What is this?” The person selling the drink replied happily, “This is the specialty beer!” Xiaoming was very happy and said, “Wow! This is what I was looking for!” He finally tasted the specialty beer and happily enjoyed the rest of the beer festival.

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