The Magical Refrigerator (HSK 4)

In a small village, there was a magical refrigerator that brought joy and wonder to everyone who encountered it. It held secrets beyond imagination and transformed the lives of those who believed.








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English Translation

The Magical Refrigerator

Once upon a time, there was a small village where a curious boy named Xiao Ming lived. He was always eager to know about the magical things in the world. One day, he heard that there was a magical refrigerator in the village. He decided to find it.

Xiao Ming arrived in front of the refrigerator and used a small key to open it. Inside, he saw many different kinds of food and drinks. But these were not ordinary food and drinks; they had different colors and flavors. Xiao Ming was very curious, so he took a sip of the red juice and immediately felt a surge of strength.

Xiao Ming discovered a magic book inside the refrigerator. He opened the book, and it contained many magical secrets. He read an incantation and suddenly appeared taller. Xiao Ming was delighted; he knew the refrigerator was truly magical.

Every day, Xiao Ming would open the refrigerator and try different foods and drinks. Each item gave him a different magical power. One day, Xiao Ming’s friend, Xiao Hong, came to visit him. Seeing Xiao Ming so happy, she wanted to try as well. They opened the refrigerator together, and Xiao Hong took a sip of the yellow juice. Suddenly, her voice became incredibly beautiful.

The refrigerator brought joy to Xiao Ming and Xiao Hong. They began to explore more secrets of the refrigerator and shared them with others in the village. Soon, everyone in the village knew about the magical refrigerator and wanted to try it for themselves.

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