The Delicious Snack (HSK 4)

Join Xiaoming on a mouthwatering adventure as he explores the world of 小吃, delectable snacks that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.










Multiple Choice Questions

English Translation

The Delicious Snack

Snacks are an important part of Chinese culinary culture. There are various kinds of snacks, ranging from fried chicken wings to pan-fried dumplings, from spicy hotpot to grilled skewers. Snacks can be found everywhere, whether in the city or in the countryside, on the streets and alleys.

Xiao Ming is a young person who loves eating snacks. One day, he heard about a famous snack stall in town. He couldn’t wait to go and try it.

When Xiao Ming arrived at the snack stall, he saw a long queue. He noticed many people holding fried chicken wings and pan-fried dumplings. Xiao Ming couldn’t resist and also ordered some fried chicken wings and pan-fried dumplings. They were fried to a golden crispiness and tasted incredibly delicious. Xiao Ming savored every bite and praised them repeatedly.

Next, Xiao Ming decided to try the spicy hotpot. He ordered a bowl of spicy hotpot with beef, tofu, and vegetables. With every mouthful, Xiao Ming felt the spiciness and numbing sensation, but he found it extremely satisfying.

Xiao Ming also tasted the grilled skewers, including lamb skewers, chicken wing skewers, and vegetable skewers. Xiao Ming found the aroma of the grilled skewers particularly enticing, and they were perfectly cooked, tender, and juicy.

Xiao Ming became more and more fascinated by snacks. He decided to learn how to make some snacks himself. He found a snack recipe book and learned how to make fried chicken wings, pan-fried dumplings, and spicy hotpot. Xiao Ming invited his friends to his place to showcase his cooking skills.

As his friends enjoyed the snacks that Xiao Ming made, they praised his culinary talents. Xiao Ming felt proud of himself. He decided to continue exploring the world of snacks and try more delicious treats.

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