A Day in Beijing (HSK 4)

Join Xiaoming as he spends an exciting day exploring the capital city of China, Beijing, with its famous landmarks and delicious food.








Multiple Choice Questions

English Translation

A Day in Beijing

Xiao Ming is a young person who enjoys adventures. Today, he arrived in Beijing, the capital of China. Early in the morning, Xiao Ming rode his bicycle to Tiananmen Square. He took many photos there and saw the national flag. Then, he went to the Forbidden City and saw many ancient buildings and sculptures. Xiao Ming thought these structures were very magnificent.

At noon, Xiao Ming got hungry. He went to a restaurant and ordered a serving of Beijing roast duck. Xiao Ming had heard that Beijing roast duck was very famous, and he finally had the chance to taste it. The roast duck was delicious, with crispy duck skin and tender meat, which made Xiao Ming feel very satisfied. He thought coming to Beijing was a wise choice.

In the afternoon, Xiao Ming decided to visit the Great Wall. He climbed for a long time but remained excited throughout. Standing on the Great Wall, he looked into the distance and saw continuous mountains. Xiao Ming marveled at the grandeur of nature and the ingenuity of humankind. He felt it was one of the most spectacular sights he had ever seen in his life.

As the evening approached, Xiao Ming returned to the city center. He strolled through the hutongs and saw many interesting small shops. Xiao Ming also tried Beijing sugar-coated haws, which were sour and sweet, and very tasty. He really liked the traditional culture and flavors of Beijing.

Nightfall came, and Xiao Ming sat on a bench in a park, savoring the experiences of the day. He felt that Beijing was a city full of vitality and history. He decided that he would come back to Beijing in the future and continue exploring this magical city.

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