Wonderful World (HSK 4)

In a small village, a young girl named Xiao Mei sets off on an adventure to explore the world. Join her and discover the marvels of the world through her eyes.









Multiple Choice Questions

English Translation

From a young age, Xiao Mei has been curious about the world. She lives in a beautiful village, but she knows that there are many wonderful places waiting for her to explore. So, she decides to embark on a journey to find her dream world.

Xiao Mei begins an exciting adventure. She starts by visiting a mountain, where she encounters beautiful flowers and clear streams. She sees the blue sky, white clouds, and various kinds of birds. Xiao Mei feels that the world is truly beautiful.

Next, Xiao Mei arrives at a desert. The sand there is golden, stretching all the way to the horizon. She discovers unique plants and animals that thrive in the desert and learns to protect herself from the scorching sun with a headscarf. The desert provides Xiao Mei with a special experience.

Then, Xiao Mei visits an ancient city. The city is filled with grand buildings and bustling streets. Xiao Mei explores museums and sees many ancient artworks and artifacts. She tastes the local cuisine and experiences the vibrancy of the city.

Finally, Xiao Mei arrives at a seaside town. There are long sandy beaches and a deep blue sea. She learns to surf, collects seashells, and plays with the little fish in the ocean. Xiao Mei feels that the world is full of endless fun and surprises.

Xiao Mei’s journey comes to an end, and she returns to her village. Although she has only visited a few places, she realizes that the world is vast and colorful. Xiao Mei understands that no matter where she is, the world is beautiful and fascinating.

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