The Power of Hobbies (HSK 4)

In a small town, there lived a young girl named Li Mei. Follow her journey as she discovers the power of hobbies and how they can change lives.
















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English Translation

The Power of Hobbies

Li Mei is a seven-year-old little girl who lives in a beautiful small town. Her neighborhood is filled with picturesque places, including a lovely park. Li Mei is a lively child, always eager to engage in various fun activities.

One day, Li Mei found herself bored and unsure of what to do. She went to look for her friends, but they were all busy with their own tasks. Feeling quite bored, she sat on a park bench, watching others bustling around.

Suddenly, she noticed an old man sitting on a bench in the distance. The old man held a paintbrush in his hand, and his face was adorned with a joyful smile. Curious, Li Mei walked over and asked the old man what he was painting.

The old man smiled and replied, “I’m painting this beautiful park! I enjoy painting; it’s my hobby.”

Li Mei’s eyes lit up, and she asked, “What’s a hobby?”

The old man explained, “A hobby is something you enjoy doing and are willing to spend time on. It brings you happiness and allows you to learn new things.”

Li Mei pondered for a moment and then asked, “Do I have a hobby?”

The old man chuckled and said, “Of course, you do! You can try different activities and see which ones make you feel happy and fulfilled. You might enjoy drawing, dancing, reading, or playing a musical instrument. Anything you like can become your hobby.”

Li Mei felt excited and decided to explore some new activities. She first bought a book on drawing to learn how to create beautiful scenes. She also joined a dance class to learn dancing skills.

As time went by, Li Mei discovered that she loved drawing and dancing more and more. She found these hobbies brought her joy and a sense of accomplishment. Every time she completed a drawing or finished a dance, she felt immensely satisfied.

Li Mei’s parents noticed her transformation and wholeheartedly supported her hobbies. They bought her more art supplies and dance equipment. Li Mei felt happy knowing that she had her own hobbies and talents.

Years later, Li Mei became a renowned painter and dancer. Her artworks were exhibited in various galleries, and her dance performances were loved by many. Li Mei’s hobbies not only brought her success and happiness but also inspired others to discover their own passions.

This story reminds us that hobbies are an essential part of life. They can bring us joy, satisfaction, and a sense of accomplishment. Don’t be afraid to try new things; perhaps you’ll discover that your talent lies within your hobbies.

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