The Magical Toothpaste (HSK 4)

Once upon a time, there was a special toothpaste that had extraordinary powers. This is the story of how a simple tube of toothpaste changed a young boy’s life forever.









Multiple Choice Questions

English Translation

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Xiao Ming who was extremely afraid of going to the dentist since he was young. Every time he heard the word “dentist,” he would think of those dreadful tools and noises, and he was truly terrified. His mother was very worried about his teeth because he never brushed them. His mother decided to buy a magical toothpaste in the hope of changing Xiao Ming’s fear of dentists.

The toothpaste his mother bought was a shiny blue one with the words “Magic Toothpaste” written on it. Xiao Ming felt curious and immediately picked up his toothbrush, squeezed a little toothpaste onto it, and started brushing his teeth. Before long, he discovered that this toothpaste was indeed magical. After brushing his teeth, they became brilliantly white and shining, and he was no longer afraid of going to the dentist.

Xiao Ming was overjoyed, and he started brushing his teeth every day. He found that this magic toothpaste not only made his teeth whiter but also had other amazing effects. One day, he accidentally fell and had a lot of bleeding on his hand. Xiao Ming was scared, but he remembered the magic toothpaste. He gently applied some toothpaste to the wound, and magically, the bleeding stopped quickly, and the wound healed rapidly.

Xiao Ming was extremely grateful for the magic toothpaste, and he started sharing this secret with other kids. They also loved this magical toothpaste because it could heal their wounds and make their teeth healthier. Xiao Ming’s family heard about this magical toothpaste, and they started using it too, and their teeth became beautiful as well.

Gradually, the people in the entire town learned about this magical toothpaste, and they came to buy it in droves. The manufacturer of the toothpaste was also very happy because their product became highly popular, and sales kept increasing.

Through this story, we can see that a toothpaste can change a person’s life. As long as we persist in brushing our teeth, our teeth will become healthy, and we will no longer be afraid of going to the dentist.

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