The Enchanted Post Office (HSK 4)

In a small town, there stood a post office that held a magical secret. Explore the story of how a young girl’s visit to the post office changed her life forever.
















Multiple Choice Questions

English Translation

The Enchanted Post Office

Lily had always been deeply interested in the post office. She was curious about stamps, envelopes, and the work of mail carriers. Every time she passed by the post office, she would stop and gaze at the small building, imagining herself working inside.

One day, Lily finally gathered the courage to enter the post office. As she pushed open the door, she felt like she had stepped into another world. The interior of the post office looked warm and inviting, with walls adorned with colorful envelopes and bright posters.

A friendly mail carrier approached her with a smile and asked, “Hello, young lady. How can I assist you?”

Shyly, Lily replied, “I’m very interested in the post office and would like to learn more about it.”

The mail carrier smiled and said, “That’s wonderful! Welcome to our post office. It’s not just a place to send letters; it holds a magical secret as well.”

Curiously, Lily asked, “What secret?”

Pointing to an ancient wooden door, the mail carrier said, “That’s the magic door of our post office. When you pass through it, you enter a completely different world.”

Lily’s eyes widened with anticipation as she pushed open the door. Once she stepped through, she found herself in a charming garden. The garden was filled with a variety of flowers, lush trees, and a beautiful wooden cabin.

Lily explored the garden and discovered a magical mailbox inside the cabin. She placed a letter filled with her wishes into the mailbox.

After a few days, Lily received a reply letter. The letter informed her that her wishes would come true and invited her to visit the post office again.

Excitedly, Lily returned to the post office and passed through the magic door. This time, she discovered that the post office had become even more magical. She saw mail carriers flying, envelopes dancing, and stamps singing.

The director of the post office approached her with a smile and said, “Lily, your presence has brought vitality to our post office. You shall become our post office’s magical ambassador.”

From that day on, Lily became a magical ambassador of the post office. She worked alongside the mail carriers, helping people fulfill their wishes through their letters.

Years later, Lily grew up, but she would never forget the surprises and joy the post office brought her. Today, she is a mail carrier herself, carrying the magic of the post office, spreading hope and happiness every day.

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