The Time that Mr. Yang Went to the Supermarket (HSK 4)

Join Mr. Yang on a hilarious journey filled with mishaps and laughter as he tries to navigate through everyday situations.









Multiple Choice Questions

English Translation

Mr. Yang is a very easygoing person. Every day, he encounters some awkward situations, but he always faces them with a smile.

One day, Mr. Yang went to the supermarket to buy groceries. He forgot to bring his shopping list, so he stood in front of the produce section, trying to figure out what to buy. He saw a big, red tomato and thought, “Wow, this tomato looks delicious! I should get a few.” So, he grabbed ten tomatoes and put them in his shopping basket.

Next, Mr. Yang saw something orange, but he didn’t know what it was. He decided to ask the lady next to him, “Excuse me, what is this fruit?” The lady smiled and replied, “That’s a papaya.” Upon hearing that, Mr. Yang happily said, “Oh, it’s a papaya! I’ll take one.” He placed one papaya in his shopping basket.

Mr. Yang also needed to buy some milk. He went to the dairy section and saw two different kinds of milk—one in a red carton and the other in a blue carton. He hesitated and didn’t know which one to buy. So, he called over the shop assistant and asked, “What’s the difference between these two types of milk?” The shop assistant patiently explained, “The milk in the red carton is full-fat milk, and the one in the blue carton is skim milk.” Mr. Yang smiled and said, “Oh, I see! I’ll take one red carton and one blue carton, so I’ll have both full-fat and skim milk!” The shop assistant couldn’t help but laugh.

After paying for his groceries, Mr. Yang left the supermarket with his shopping bag. He felt very happy because he bought many delicious things. However, he slipped and fell on his way home, and all the items from his bag rolled out. Tomatoes, the papaya, and milk were everywhere! Mr. Yang sat on the ground, looking at the rolling things, laughing heartily.

Even though Mr. Yang always encounters some awkward situations, he never gets angry. He believes that laughter is the best medicine in the world.

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