The Students go to the Restaurant (HSK 1)

In this short story you will read about two students that are hungry and decided to go to a restaurant. The story uses HSK 1 words. Good luck!


刘燕: 我很饿……

李红: 我也很饿。

刘燕: 我们去饭店吧!

李红: 好!

刘燕: 你想吃米饭还是面条?

李红: 我想吃米饭,你呢?

刘燕: 我也想吃米饭。

Multiple Choice Questions

English Translation

Liu Yan: I’m very hungry…

Li Hong: I’m also very hungry.

Liu Yan: Shall we go to the restaurant?

Li Hong: Okay!

Liu Yan: Do you want to have rice or noodles?

Li Hong: I want to have rice, what about you?

Liu Yan: I also want to have rice.

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